This epic race with three distances is held in the Shawangunk Mountains with running on single track and carriage trails through the woods. The bike portion goes over some of the most beautiful and difficult mountains in the east.

bike course map.png

Bike Course

The bike course consists of 1, 2 or 3 loops depending on the race distance chosen. Long course is 84.2 miles with 8,910 feet of elevation gain. The course is all right-hand turns with the exception of going left out of the transition/preserve and a left coming back into transition/preserve. For a full GPS file of the long course follow me on STRAVA. For short course one lap click the link below.

parking lot view.jpg

RUN Course

The run course is comprised of single track and carriage trail running. If you are tired of asphalt and want to see the beauty of the mountains and cliffs, this is the run course for you. A very challenging 5 miles with 800 feet of elevation gain per loop. Strava link below.

run course.jpg